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Boat Racing: ‘The Gentleman’s Sport’

Few sports require the skill, experience, and endurance needed for boat racing, which remains an extremely popular pastime to this day. From rowing tournaments and sailing regattas to high-octane speedboat competitions, everyone loves a good boat race. It's a surprise you can't place sports bets on boat races yet, but considering how popular it is, this could be the next big thing in the USA.

With this in mind, this blog is dedicated to the subject of boat racing and everything related to it. Anyone with an interest in this exciting sport, therefore, should be sure to bookmark this page, where they will find all the answers to their boat-racing questions.

International Scope

Here, readers can find a wide range of blog posts on the subject of boat racing, with a focus on prestigious international races, such as Cowes Week, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Vendée Globe, and the Sydney Hobart, among many others. This way, readers can remain up-to-date on scheduled boat-racing events all over the world.

Written from an international perspective, posts contain everything from recaps of legendary past races to helpful reviews of the latest racing sailboats, yachts, canoes, and kayaks.
What’s more, readers can peruse the biographies of the world’s most celebrated boat-racing champions, while also receiving important updates about upcoming tournaments, races, and championships.


This website isn’t only for amateur and professional boat racers. Traditionally known as the ‘gentleman’s sport,’ boat racing has enthralled spectators – of every race, colour, and creed – for centuries.

This site will prove an invaluable resource for anyone with even a passing interest in this exciting and timeless pastime.